Collection for the place. Plants, animals and humans are, we are, organic materials. The exhibition “Organic equilaterals” is configured under the premise that these three elements are equivalent to three angles that create a harmony in which all have their place, in balance, far from any form of violence or abuse. These “moments” are captured in situations where power over the other shines through its absence, where plants, animals and humans coexist in equilibrium. The three points of view make up a conceptual triangle that aims to remind us of the importance of believing in a peaceful coexistence, which integrates and mixes the difference in favor of the whole. BF uses a mixed technique, with colored pencils, pastels and markers, where a generally white line shelters its illustrations, removing them from the bottom of the paper, giving each scene its place. The frames have been manufactured specifically for these illustrations from recycled wood. Again, balance traces its way.

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Exposición Level ilustración Mujer y flamenco
Exposición Level Ilustración hombre con colibrí
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